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All key stakeholders – clinical operations, monitors, site staff, and patients – access one integrated support platform. Depending on a user’s role in a particular study, the interface and support provided adjusts to meet their specific needs.

Apart from the simplification and enhanced coordination that stems from this integrated approach, it also promotes a greater “sense of team” across these key groups.


Site Training Compliance

Enrolment Completed 7 Months Early

Phase III Study


More Longboat Usage

Recruiting vs. Non-Recruiting Sites

Phase III Study


% of Total Study Enrolment

Achieved by Sites that Used the Pre-Screen Navigator

4-Study Program



TransCelerate BioPharma: Central Monitoring Model and Technology Specification Proposals to Enable Risk-Based Monitoring Adoption


Longboat provides site staff with everything they need to get through a packed schedule.

Adaptive & Engaging Study-Specific Training

Give your staff the essential knowledge and resources they need to conduct the trial with our 21 CFR-Part-11 compliant, certified, and tracked protocol-specific training hub.

Realistic Recruitment Goals

Use Longboat’s Feasibility Navigator to determine if sites have the patient population they need to meet recruitment goals.


Simplified Pre-Screening

Streamline the pre-screening process using Longboat’s Pre-Screen Navigator, which allows sites to quickly and easily complete pre-screening logs electronically, using any device.

Connect with Prospective Patients

Give prospective patients the opportunity to submit their contact details to their nearest study site. Longboat's Patient Connect tool helps sites to follow up on referrals received via an actionable dashboard.


Fully Informed Patients

Reduce the burden on sites with Longboat’s suite of EC-approved patient-facing supports. From consent aids through to ongoing study support for patients and caregivers, Longboat improves retention, increases compliance, and informs and engages.

24/7 Access to Information

Update site staff and CRAs no matter where they are via email and SMS. With Longboat’s one-click “Read and Understood” and “eSignature” functionalities, you can be sure that essential study communications, documents, and alerts are received loud and clear.

Improved Protocol Compliance

Help site staff and patients to stay compliant, using visit schedulers, visit-by-visit walkthroughs, email and SMS reminders for upcoming visits, and controlled document repositories.

Controlled Protocol Amendment Rollout

Roll out protocol amendments on a site-by-site or country basis so that principal investigators can be sure their staff are using the latest approved protocol version for their site.


Patients are part of your team. Longboat gives patients the information and resources they need to feel informed, empowered, and appreciated on their trial journey.

Patient Recruitment Supports

Make prospective patients aware of your trial with tailored recruitment websites that support integrated referral management to ensure every patient receives site follow-up.

Informed Consent

Ensure patients on your study are fully prepared for the informed consent discussions via a series of concise patient-facing videos, which are accessible to both sites and patients on the Longboat Platform.

Patient Education

Educate randomized patients on the placebo effect, study procedures, and the aims of your study through study-specific animated training videos.

Practical, Timely Information

Keep patients and caregivers informed and engaged via our fully regulatory compliant platform that enables you to provide practical support and helpful information throughout the study.

Visit Reminders & Guidance

Guide your patients through each and every trial visit with email/SMS reminders, and clear patient-centric instructions on what to do before, during, and after every study visit.

Study Updates

Keep the patient connected to and engaged with your study through regular updates e.g. study progress, milestones achieved, therapeutic area information, mid-point surveys, and study newsletters.


Longboat ensures sites are informed and engaged, and helps CRA teams to identify sites that need extra support.

Streamline Patient Recruitment

Connect patients interested in a study with enrolling sites, and present their contact details to site staff via an actionable dashboard. Provide study teams with real-time metrics on all aspects of online recruitment activities across all regions and sites.

21 CFR Part 11 Certified Training Repository

Provide a centralized training repository for all trial-related training. Deliver essential training in an animated video-based format that is accessible via any device, allowing flexibility around on-boarding of new joiners throughout the study.

Feasibility & Pre-Screen Navigators

At the trial outset, accurately identify sites with an appropriate population of suitable patients, based on the study eligibility criteria.

During recruitment, get early oversight of pre-screening activity at study, country, and site levels, with the ability to analyze and report on pre-screening activity, and identify the main reasons for ineligibility.

Real-Time Oversight of Study Engagement & Early Risk

Take control with real-time actionable oversight of overall and individual site performance. Longboat gives study and CRA teams the tools to identify and resolve engagement and compliance issues early.

Tracked Communications with eSignature

Update site staff and CRAs in real-time, while they are on the move, via email and SMS with a full audit trail. With our one-click “Read and Understood” and “eSignature” functionalities, you can be sure that essential study communications, documents, and alerts are being received loud and clear.

Patient Engagement & Retention

Support patients throughout their trial journey with information about their study progress and upcoming visits. Includes 24/7 mobile access to the latest study news and updates, the ability to opt-in for regular communications and visit reminders/guidance direct to their device via SMS or email, and communication of those crucial end-of-study results.

Seamless Protocol Amendment Rollouts

Deploy amendments to sites as soon as they are approved locally with just a click of a button. Track confirmation of receipt and alignment to the amendment at site level, using mobile-enabled study alerts.

Audit & Inspection-Ready Reports

24/7 access to exportable reports proving site compliance with mandatory trial activities (i.e. training and mandatory documents and alerts).